Sit on the Stoop and Shoot the Shit

I transplanted to the south about 32 years ago from Exit 10 (of the NJ Turnpike) and still I’m not comfortable in the Bible Belt. I work a lot, but I’ve accomplished way more than I ever set out to professionally.  I live at the beach, I love live music, I play around with digital photography and Photoshop and will probably share some of my favorites for your approval or criticism.

I didn’t care when I hit 40 and don’t get the fuss people make. I figured I’d be dead by 42 so why worry. 50 wasn’t a big deal either, though by then some of the edges were starting to wear. But the last few months as I approach 60 are making me think. I’ve been married to my incredibly beautiful and sexy wife since 1985. Our sons are 31 and 28, grown men living their lives. I can’t describe how proud all that makes me. I’ve been successful at my work, we live a good life. But just recently I found out my spine is arthritic and can hurt like a son of a bitch on a bad day. I have bunions on my feet, I need reading glasses almost all the time. And now I take NAPS for Christ’s sake…NAPS! And I wonder when this getting old shit started?

It seems like most of my adventures are behind me, and damn some of them were a lot of fun! But I look forward to never growing up while growing old, and enjoying my accomplishments and success with my wife. Most of the hard work is over and I’m willing to let the ones I taught take the reins while I start to kick back just a little bit. I’m not finished by any means, but I am ready to give up the point. My goals now are to live down the shore, work long distance, and make up to myself and my wife for the time put into the rat race. And maybe entertain a few of you with my years of “wisdom”.


I don’t know what this is or will be. Maybe it’s a journal, maybe some of it will entertain you or piss you off or make you sad or make you happy. Maybe it’ll bore you to tears. But it’s for me first, you second, and a distant second at that. I really do hope people will come around and want to come back..


I don’t censor comments, but I do ask for validation to stop the spam. I take emails and will answer just about ANY question, but if you’re an asshole about it expect the same kind of response.

So if all that’s ok with you (or not, it really doesn’t matter) I invite you to…

sit on the stoop and shoot the shit.